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Party VU Stick


When you have a garden party, wouldn't it be fun to have several VU meters spread throughout the garden with LEDs dancing to the music you are playing? That's what the Party VU Stick is all about.

Your stereo audio set probably has a LED VU meter like this one. The LEDs follow the changes in volume of the music that is playing. And when there is a peak, the red LEDS light up. Fascinating to watch.

LED VU Meter

The Party VU Stick is a vertical LED VU meter you can stick in the ground. It listens to the FM radio channel you have set (10 presets or custom) and lights up a rainbow of colors that follow the dynamics of the music that is playing. Very easy to build and assemble, and a 8-year old child can set it up in the garden. 

If you want to visualize the music from your playlist on your phone or tablet, just plug a cheap FM transmitter (available on Ebay and AliExpress) into the headphones output and tune the Party VU Stick and FM transmitter to the same frequency. Or plug an FM transmitter into the headphones output of your audio amplifier.

FM Transmitter (Ebay or AliExpress)

You can have all Sticks listening to the same FM radio channel, or you can tune each Stick to a different source. Go wild!

The software, STL design files and documentation are available on Naked Ninja Github.



  • Microcontroller: Arduino Pro Mini
  • Power Supply Voltage: 5 Volt
  • FM Radio Receiver: TEA5767
  • Display Module: I2C 0.91 Inch Oled Display
  • Length LED strip: 1m
  • Max. distance between source and Party Stick: 50m
  • Uses external Li-Ion Powerbank with micro USB cable, min. 5400 mAh
  • Runs 6-8 hours on 5400 mAh Power bank


What do you get?

 3 different options: PCB only, building kit 1 - without alu profile, building kit 2 - with alu profile

  • Party VU Stick PCB (all)
  • All electronic components, buttons, 0.91 inch display (kit)
  • Wire, connectors, bolts and nuts (kit)
  • FM antenna (kit)
  • Multi-color Led strip, 1m (kit)
  • Aluminium profile with diffuse cover, 1m (kit 2)
  • STL design files for 3d printed enclosure and spike (all)
  • Arduino software (all)
  • Build & Assembly instructions (all)

Not included (available on Ebay or AliExpress):

  • Li-Ion Power bank, min. 5400 mAh
  • Micro USB power cable
  • FM Transmitter