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Boxy - Wifi plant watering sensor system

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Meet Boxy, a plant watering sensor system with a very basic enclosure design, a rectangular box.
Your plant watering sensors need a central hub to receive the messages and notify you when the soil moisture level of a plant is too low.
Boxy runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and uses Node-Red to process incoming events and drive the display.
Boxy has its own website  that you can access with your pc, mobile phone or tablet.

On the website you can configure the network settings and soil moisture notification levels, and manage your plantmeters.
Boxy uses Text-To-Speech to notify you in a natural voice.
This is a unique feature!

What do you get?

  • Plantmeter Hub PCB
  • All electronic parts
  • Wire
  • Connectors
  • Bolts and nuts
  • STL design files for 3d printed enclosure
  • Raspberry Pi OS image with all software installed  (link)
  • Build & Assembly instructions

Not included:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • SD Card


The software, STL design files and documentation are available on Naked Ninja Github.


Microcontroller:Raspberry Pi Zero W
- RAM: 512MB
- Clock Speed: 1GHz
- Operating Voltage: 3.3 Volt
Power Supply Voltage: 5 Volt
Operating Current:
- Standby mode: 140~240 mA
- Active mode:     400~1000 mA
Audio Stereo DAC: PCM5102A
Stereo Audio Booster: PAM8403
Display Module: ST7735S 1.8inch TFT


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