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Tired of visiting that same site where your order your pizza? Or reminding your friend over and over again of that important meeting? Why not automate it with Dah Button!


Dah Button is a multipurpose Internet of Things device that is very easy to configure or program. With a simple click on the button Dah Button sends your request via Wifi to order your pizza, Uber drive, remind your friend of a meeting, or your family that diner is ready.


Dah Button is the programmable alternative to the Amazon Dash Button.

For Arduino enthusiasts & makers:
It uses the WifiManager ESP8266 Arduino library.
The attiny is used to put Dah Button to sleep when it is not being used. In sleep mode it only uses 30 uA.



  • Li-Ion Battery 3.7V 900mAh
  • 3D model file to print your own button enclosure
  • PCB Layout



The software, STL design files and documentation are available on Naked Ninja Github.


Microcontroller: ESP8266 (ESP12)
- Flash Memory: 4MB
- RAM:  36kB
- Clock Speed: 80MHz
- Operating Voltage: 3.3V
Microcontroller: ATtiny85
- Flash Memory: 8kB
- RAM: 512B
- Clock Speed: 1MHz
- Operating Voltage: 2.7 to 5.5V
Power Supply Voltage: 5 Volt
Operating Current: Standby mode: 5~ 20uA
Active mode: 50 ~ 80mA
Battery: Li-ion 3.7 Volt
Battery Connector: Solder Pads
Charger Module: TP4056