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Covid-19 Distance Sensor


To enable or enforce Social Distancing you need this distance sensor at your entrace, gate or door. This Covid-19 Distance Sensor is a reliable flexible solution. Easy to adapt to the dimensions of your entrance or gate. With multi-color LED strip notification, any pattern you like can be configured.
The buzzer is optional.

This is a custom product that we can adapt to your needs.


What do you get?

  • Microcontroller driven distance sensor
  • Mult-color LED strip in protective profile
  • Notification light patterns (green, orange, red, or other colors)
  • 5V 2A Power adapter
  • Optional: buzzer



The software, STL design files and documentation are available on Naked Ninja Github.



Microcontroller: ATmega328p
- Flash Memory: 32kB
- RAM: 2kB
- Clock Speed: 16MHz
- Operating Voltage: 5 Volt
Power Supply Voltage: 5 Volt
Operating Current:
- Standby mode: ~ 15mA
- Active mode: ~ 15mA + ( 50mA x number of LEDs)
Distance Sensor: US-100 (Ultrasonic Sensor)