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Dah Button - The Smart Wifi Button

Published on 4 June 2020 at 17:50

Tired of visiting that same site where your order your pizza? Or reminding your friend over and over again of that important meeting? Or just want an easy input for your home automation system? Why not automate it with Dah Button!


Dah Button is a multipurpose Internet of Things device that is very easy to configure or program. With a simple click, Dah Button sends your request or message via Wifi to order your pizza, Uber drive, remind your friend of a meeting, or your family that diner is ready.

Dah Button is the programmable alternative to the Amazon Dash Button for makers & Arduino enthusiasts:
It uses the ESP8266 with the WifiManager ESP8266 Arduino library in order to connect to your home automation system or the internet. Dah Button uses the ATtiny85 to put itself into sleep mode when it is not being used. In sleep mode, it only uses 15~20uA!


Communication protocol & microcontroller

For the communication protocol, we have researched and are still researching various options such as; RF, Bluetooth, LoRa and many others. After considering all the pros and cons we have decided to go with Wifi for the first product in this range of devices. 

For the Wifi microcontroller choice, we went for the ESP8266. The reason for this choice is to ensure that most makers and hobbyists can easily configure and/or reprogram the device, without having to learn new skills. 



Are you tired of replacing a product's battery every few weeks? So are we! That is why we decided to use a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery in Dah Button. It uses a 900mAh Lithium-Ion battery together with the TP4056 battery charging and protection circuit. By using these components the user can plug in a micro USB cable connected to a 5V power adapter in order to recharge the product. 


Power Consumption

In order to reduce the number of times the user would need to recharge Dah Button, we took a look at improving the power consumption of Dah Button.

The ESP8266 uses around 100mA in normal operation and around 1.2mA during the deep sleep mode. To improve on this we have added an ATtiny85. The ATtiny85 is responsible for powering up and shutting down the ESP8266 completely. Doing this removes all power consumption from the ESP8266 when the microcontroller isn’t active and leaves us only with the power consumption of the ATtiny85, which can be reduced to around 15~20uA. 

With this new design, Dah Button can funtion up to 5 months on a single battery charge while using it up to 6 times per hour. 

Future Plans

It doesn’t end here! We have a lot of plans for the future. 

These plans will also include other communication protocols like LoRa! As you can see in the photo below.

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